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Building My Variety.com Gem

My wife and I drove from Brooklyn to Columbus, Ohio for the holidays with our new puppy, so my gem project got off to a slow start. I also probably spent too much time watching CLI gem walkthrough videos and looking at examples instead of just jumping into building my own. But, in the end, I finally finished.

How I Used Nokogiri Like a Boss at My Day Job

Last week my manager emailed me a link to a web page with over 900 business addresses. It’s always bad when a request starts with “I know it’s a pain, but can you…” He asked me to manually add all of these addresses into an Excel spreadsheet for the company to use for marketing. I figured I had about four to five hours of mind-numbing cutting and pasting ahead of me when a lightbulb went off: Nokogiri.

In My Younger and More Vulnerable Years

I’m a creative person. I paint, write, and love to learn. As a kid, I had a million hobbies ranging from airbrushing to juggling. Over the last two years, I’ve been teaching myself French. Printmaking and metal sculpture are on my hobby bucket list.